Monday, March 1, 2010

A jump back into blogging

So it's time. For this moment...i'm ACTUALLY dedicating a bit of time to blog.
And cheyenne's and andrea's and lynsay's secretly and subtly forceful methods of getting me to do so have worked.
i think ive developed "blog-guilt"

anyway...even though im not obsessed with cupcakes--i can appreciate awesumness.
and these are AWESUMNESS

I shall be one day be awesum enough to bake them. and they will flop. dramatiacally. but that's ok.

So, it's march. wow--the space/time continuum in my mind has gone all sideways because time is just going so quickly. I think all the clocks in the world are now running on red-bull. not brilliant mechanics or anything. just red-bull. at least that's MY theory.
it's elementary my dear Watson.

OH and excitingly enough with March comes the beginnings of Autumn. definately the most beautiful season. Golden leaves floating around in the sky and crisp, cool (not too cold) weather with the sun still shining

it only being the beginning of Autumn now didnt stop the shops from selling winter stuff about 2 months ago though. I guess they're well prepared. noddy badge.

sigh...i want to travel the world. This is the perfect picture of Ireland...

beautiful landscape and- no wait. screw the hills and greenery...

God i love Ireland. and Gerard Butler.
and this is a better picture of it. yes.


  1. loook! look! look!
    thats all, k bye now

  2. these are amazing photos. love the one of the chair and the leaves

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door