Monday, April 19, 2010

let's get serious
the last time i blogged was on march 1st.
that doesnt really suprise me that much because not only have i been totally and irrevocably aware of the fact that i havnt been blogging but also, NOBODY can escape the constant complaints, nagging, bullying (and all that other irritating stuff) that i get from some people to blog.
i mean, i can only take so much before i give in and actually blog.

so here i am guys.
im going to just mention cheyenne and andrea...just so i can say i mentioned them. and because i owe them a mention cause they mention me in like EVERY blog post. but thats to be expected...because i AM amazing after all.
and totally humble.

so anyway, its raining in Cape Town...which is such, incredibly amazing news. i always only JUST make it through summer because i know, in my heart, winter will always return.
hows THAT for being dramatic on a monday morning.
im also drinking Vida coffee. well, hot chocolate. which is one of the advantages of tech...i have Wembley Square 5 minutes away. and then i get to be semi-active and do gym and go on the gym's internet and use up their cap watching chuck season 3, how i met your mother season 5, entourage, 9O21O, greek etc etc etc etc.
one day they will catch me and be all like "we want YOU!". you know, like that poster from the was that we learnt about in history in grade 8.

wow, grade 8. and highschool. THAT feels like it was ages ago.
im all grown up now. i can tie my own shoelaces and everything.

so that's that. ill make like a half promise to blog. maybe. a bit more. cause i KNOW everybody just misses me oh sooo much.
except andrea- cause she has like made my inbox hers. not leaving much room for cheyenne.

oh and lynsayannetinney. go join the Westlake Virgin Active- you will see me there! and thank you for being the only one not to be borderline violent with me to blog.

:) :) :)

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