Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Share a little lol

I love being at tech. I get to spend my mornings drinking Vida coffee and reading MLIA, FML and textsfromlastnight. I then attend the occasional class everyday (in between which i walk back up to gym) and then go home.
Crisis, my life is tough eh.
Anyway, ive actually been sitting for the past hour online literally laughing out loud at some of these posts.

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you went around grabbing cigarettes out of peoples mouths and claiming you were curing cancer.
Tell me the dirtiest joke you know

Sarah Palin
you definitely made a grilled cheese using your iron..

ya and it worked didnt it??
you were watching a documentary about sharks and wouldn't stop stroking my legs and whispering "what if they could walk?"
im covered in puffy paint and glitter i cant find kevin and im wearing shoes that dont belong to me....come get me please


Today I was eating goldfish when I realized the reason I eat two at a time is because I don't want them to die alone. MLIA


Today, I saw a man dressed as a gingerbread running down the street yelling "run run run as fast as you can, you cant catch me i'm the gingerbread man!" Made. My. Day. MLIA

Today, an annoying girl in my science class was talking about how she cant wait to rent the new harry potter movie. She wouldn't stop talking, and this shy and quiet kid turns around and screams "DUMBLEDORE DIES!" right in her face.MLIA

Today, I saw an Amish lady in Radio Shack. I'm still confused. MLIA

That's all folks.
Have an average day :)

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